Looking for in stock equipment? Wysong has it! Wysong Hydraulic Press Brakes are engineered to stand up to the most demanding production environments on the planet.  Manufactured in Europe and equipped with controls made and supported in the United States.

In House

Press BrakesDescriptionOptionsControlStatus# In Stock
B66-8366 ton x 83″X Axis B/GPC800In House1
MB110-122110 Ton x 10 ftX,R,Z1,Z2Delem 66TIn House2
MB240-145240Ton x 12ftX,R,Z1,Z2Delem66TIn House1
MC 240-145240Ton x 12ftX,R,Z1,Z2Delem 66TIn House1
MB149-145149Ton x 12ftX,R,Z1,Z2Delem 66TIn House1
MB08-135/16″ x 13 ft4 Position Sheet SupportCybelec 12″ ScreenIn House1
MB08-105/16″ x 10 ft4 Position Sheet SupportCybelec 12″ ScreenIn House3

On Order

Press BrakesDescriptionOptionsControlStatus# On Order
MC240-145240Ton x 12FtX,R,Z1,Z2Delem 66TAugust2
MB240-145240Ton x 12ftX,R,Z1,Z2Delem 66TAugust3
MB149-122149Ton x 10ftX,R,Z1,Z2Delem 66TAugust1
MB149-145149Ton x 12ftX,R,Z1,Z2Delem 66TAugust1
MB350-145350Ton x 12ftX,R,Z1,Z2Delem 66TOctober1
ShearDescriptionOptionsStatus# On Order
MB08-105/16″ x 10ft.4Position Sheet SupportCybelec 12″ ScreenAugust1
MB08-135/16″ x 13 ft4Position Sheet SupportCybelec 12″ ScreenAugust1