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SEYI is a leading brand of medium and large servo presses with a global presence. They provide servo presses across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, agriculture machinery, home appliances, consumer electronics, and building materials and hardware manufacturing.

Suitable for application in auto parts, consumable electronics and household appliances. These can require perfect forming. By combining progressive die with pendulum curve, the productivity can possibly be doubled, which saves more than 50% of energy. Furthermore, automated transfer production line can also be added to upgrade the productivity.

“Servo application solutions, automated peripheral integration solutions, and smart stamping management systems” are the three main pillars of SEYI’s development strategy. In addition to actively marketing its class-leading servo presses with multiple advantages such as high precision, high performance, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, SEYI has developed solutions such as intelligent stamping production lines and the seamless integration of automated peripheral systems. At the same time, SEYI is embracing the challenges brought forth by the advent of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing industry. Through independent R&D and industry-academia collaborative partnerships, SEYI offers customers compelling solutions under the Internet of Things framework, whether it is mechanical stamping or servo pressing processes. Based on customers’ production conditions and the characteristics of respective stamping requirements, machine and production status are actively tracked to ensure products meet all customer needs in smart stamping solutions.

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