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Expert Sales & Service for all Industrial Stamping Equipment

Contact us for expert sales & service for all industrial stamping equipment.  We offer a wide variety of:

  • Mechanical and Servo Presses
  • Straighteners
  • Uncoilers
  • Feed Lines
  • and more!  

We service what we sell and our expert technicians can take care of your existing equipment. We are authorized distributors of Komatsu, Colt Automation, PA Industries, Linear Transfer Automation, Macrodyne, and Toledo Integrated Systems.




Komatsu America - World Class Mechanical and Servo Presses from 60 Tons to 3,000 Tons

OBS 60





Colt Automation – Superior Manufacturer of Coil Feed Lines, Coil Cars, Up Enders, Straighteners, and Roll & Zig Zag Feeders (specializes in ASLA materials).

Feed Line

Roll Feeder Straighteners



Coil Car Upender & Traveling Uncoiler

Zig Zag Feeders

PA Industries – Superior Coil Feeding Lines


Wire servo feed


Double End Reel

Electronic Rewind

Servo Feed

Macrodyne Hydraulic presses are used in automotive deep draw, automotive interior molding, forge trim, forming and draw transfer line, hot stamping. They are the biggest manufacturers of hydraulic presses in the world. They will supply tool in, and quick die change as a complete system.

Macrodyne 2000-400 Ton Deep Draw Press with Cushion

100-100 Ton
Double-Acting Molding Press

50 Ton Trim Presses

220 Ton Forming Presses & 220-100 Ton Draw Presses

15,000 kN Hot Stamping Press-1

Linear Transfer Automation. World Class Press transfer systems, Press to Press Tandem Lines. Blank Feed systems, Press control upgrades, End of Line systems, and End of Arm Tooling.

The Shop Floor

Small Gap Transfer Fixed

Single Head 216 Inch Bed

Big Transfer KY One

Toledo Integrated Systems - A leading, multi-service, international organization that has developed force measurement, tonnage monitoring, complete press automation and control systems, for over 40 years. - We have interfaced with or designed: Allen-Bradley solutions, Mitsubishi solutions, Siemens solutions, Hydraulic presses, Forging presses, Uncoilers, Straighteners, Feeders, Stacking/Destacking units and Transfer systems.

AutoCells - A calibration standard load cell

ZT-SLIM - Resolver Based Signature Force Monitor

Allen-Bradley Press Automation & Control

Hydraulic Press Automation & Control